Caving for Arthog Outreach

Exiting a narrow passage

On Friday, I completed my final observed session to lead groups in Llanymynech Cave for Arthog Outreach, which I was quite excited about. Upon reflection, the process was simple enough and could  be split into a few simple stages although at the time it seemed more difficult probably because the environment was just so alien to me.

 Stage 1
Observe a number of caving seasons to become familiar with the equipment, operating procedures and venue.

Stage 2
Personal exploration of the cave to get to know the little nooks and crannies and to check on how well you can navigate underground. I found this to be quite rewarding although I  must confess to have done this with a friend to keep me company.

Stage 3
Observed session to check your general competence. I did this with a group of Year 3 and they really enjoyed being in the cave and listening to the stories all especially about Nedd and how my caving mentor Al first got into caving. Well I’m pleased to say that every went well and that I am now signed off to lead caving trips.

I had a thoroughly enjoyable trip and I look forward to more caving adventures with more Year 3 groups over the next 4 weeks.

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