Caving for Arthog Outreach

Settling the nerves before entering the main cave passage.

On Thursday, I was leading a cave trip to Llanymynech for my friends at Arthog Outreach for a Year 3 Group. Today’s group were very nervous and there were a few tears as we approached the cave so it seemed that a relaxed trip was called for. Which was just as well as the cold and nerves got the better of some before they managed to settle into this new environment.

A few stories later and some soothing words, some of the group opted to make a quick detour down into the ‘Five Ways’ chamber which requires a bit of crawling and the occasional puddle to negotiate. After a few minutes, we rejoined the rest of the group and make our way out of the cave much to the delight of the group.

Quite a challenging day – balancing the needs of the individual with that of the group. Did I get it right? I think so as most of the group said they would like to come back and try the cave again albeit this time in warmer weather.

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