Caving at Ogof o’r Herwheliwr (Poachers Cave)

Scaredy Dave at the bottom of the entry pitch

Scaredy Dave at the bottom of the entry pitch

As part of our preparation for our Level 1 Cave & Mine Leader Training Award, Scaredy Dave and I have been visiting a few local caves and mines and our latest trip was to Ogof o’r Herwheliwr (Poachers Cave).

It was a pleasant walk to the cave entrance and quickly kitted up for the short abseil descent that would take us to the main passage. Dave being of a slightly technical nature had decided that we should Single Rope Techniques (SRT) to gain access as we had the kit and needed the practice. I still maintain that a ladder would have been more practical and efficient but I had to agree the SRT practice was good.

There was a fair bit of crawling to be done at the start before the passage gained height and we were able to stand. As we made our way to the rock bridge we passed through an isosceles passage, which is quite an unusual passage shape caused by certain type of water flow through the cave. We also encountered a crocodile sculpture made from the clay deposit.

Once past the rock bridge, things became a little wetter as we followed an underground stream and in some places this involved crawling through the water and we were both glad to reach the main chamber for a spot o lunch. The system carries on a a further 100m past the main chamber which we explored and found some very interesting formations.

Unfortunately, we had to retrace our steps to leave the cave and there were lots of mutterings about how mine exploration was better as we once again crawled through the stream. After a short while we soon back at the abseil and somewhat relieved to find our rope was still in place, which we quickly ascended to head out of the cave.

I had a good trip but I have to admit mine exploration is looking much more appealing as there is very much less kneeling and crawling involved.

For more photographs of the trip please click here.

For short video of our trip – produced by Scaredy Dave please click here.

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