Caving at Moel Fferna

On Wednesday my I went caving with my good mates Al and ‘Scaredy’ Dave to Moel Fferna. Our objective for the day was the slate mine at on Moel Fferna which was last worked in the 1960’s.

Yours truly by the bridge on level 4

Yours truly by the bridge on level 4

The walk in was pleasant enough and we soon found the air vent that now gives the only access to the mine. Unfortunately, I had forgotten my SRT kit but Al as resourceful as ever produced a ladder from his bag of tricks and we were soon all in the mine. The mine has 7 levels and we opted to explore the lower levels (Levels 2 – 5) as we were all keen to see the bridge that still exists in Level 4.

We were underground for about 3 hours and were treated with views of some excellent mould formations, mining artifacts, old mining equipment and huge caverns where slate had been excavated. some in excess of 80 feet high. Eventually, all good things must come to an end and we made our way back up through the levels hoping that our homing beacons would bring us back to the air shaft so that we leave the mine. Thankfully, all went well and it soon time for me to get to grips with the ladder and make my way out of the cave.

A great day of mine exploration and we have made tentative plans to revisit and explore levels 6 & 7.

For more photographs of the trip please click here.

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