Canoeing With Arthog Outreach

Preparing for a bit of head, shoulders, knees and toes action.

The last week of the spring term for Arthog Outreach involved mainly canoeing sessions and a pretty mixed bag it was too!

Year 3 Canoeing At Simpsons Pool
Lots of fun and laughter as we whizzed about Simpsons Pool in rafted canoes, playing lots of games to build up the fundamental skills. Everyone had lots of fun and all wanting to do more so a job well done in my opinion.

GCSE – PE Canoe Module
A welcome break from the normal canoe session, working with 12 students who have opted to the canoe module as part of the PE GCSE. The main emphasis of the session was efficient forwards paddling, with turning, stopping and moving sideways all thrown in for good measure. As a reward for their efforts all 12 participants successfully completed the British Canoeing – Paddlepower – Paddlestart Award. I’m really looking forward to working with these students on the next few sessions and I’m sure it is going to be whole load of fun.

Now looking forward to recharging the batteries during the Easter Holidays.

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