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Viking longboats on the River Severn

Viking longboats on the River Severn

This week, I was working with a Year 6 Group who were studying Vikings and wanted to combine an outdoor activity with this theme so I found myself on the River Severn running a trip between Buildwas and Ironbridge. The Vikings came to Shropshire in 893 and paddled up the river to Quatt (near Bridgnorth) so what better way to start the trip by seeing how far we could paddle upstream. It didn’t take too long before the teams run out of enthusiasm but it did demonstrate how tough a journey the Viking had when they sailed across the open seas.

The journey went well enough and we discussed the Viking history and traditions along the way and I was particularly impressed how much knowledge the young people had acquired, particularly as they had researched the subject themselves. All too soon we reached our destination and it was time to load the boats. The group worked really well to achieve this and then it was back to centre to unpack the kit and reflect on the day.

I had a great day on the water and I think the young people did too judging by the chatter on the bus.

If you would like this type of trip for your group then please take a look at our main site to find out more by clicking here.

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