Canoeing – One to One Coaching

Peter on Tombstones Rapid

On Thursday, I was booked to provide a one to one coaching session for a ‘born again canoist’ so that he could paddle some white water. After a quick chat it turned out that my client Peter had paddled to a high standard in his younger days and had aspirations to paddle white water again. A modest aspiration but given that fact that he would be 72 in two weeks time is absolutely awesome!

The venue for the day was the River Dee at Llangollen as this is a great place to learn about white water. With a few corrections to the body positioning and a few hints and tips on effective paddling it was soon time to run the rapids and I’m pleased to say that they were paddled with ease so much so that we walked back up and paddled them again.

Bottom Hole

I look forward to working with Peter again and I wish him well on his quest to paddle white water.

If you would like to improve your canoe skills then please take a look at the canoe section on our main site by clicking here.

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