Canoeing on the River Severn

Enjoying the view

Enjoying the view

On Saturday, I was on the River Severn between Abermule and Pool Quay with my good friend and fellow outdoor instructor Matt Craig. This was one of the few sections of the river that I hadn’t paddled before and Matt was keen to do a recce for an up and coming D of E practice expedition.

We made good speed along the river and manged to clear out a few tree blockages along the way until disaster struck in that Matt managed to drop the saw. It didn’t float and he bravely volunteered to retrieve it from waist deep water. Thankfully, our plan worked and the saw was soon back in action to clear further tree blockages lower down the river.

I really enjoyed paddling this section of the river as there are one or two features of interest to push you along and its has quite diverse scenery. Some of which reminded me of my trip to the Great Glen earlier in the month.

I had a great day on the water and in my opinion this is one of the best stretches of the River Severn that I have paddled todate.


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  1. Phil Plant says:

    Hey Chris, for some reason your posts are posting twice!

  2. My blog posts to facebook and twitter – what’s posted on twitter gets published to facebbok – hence the double posting – I usually remove the twitter post.

  3. Phil Plant says:

    I understand, you see I’m a twit not a twitterer!

  4. I wouldn’t dare to comment…..or should I

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