Canoeing on the River Severn

Getting to grips with two handed paddling

On Saturday, I was was working for Arthog Outreach delivering a canoe session for Telford Young Carers. This was the first of three sessions to enable the young people to work towards the Paddlepower Awards.

This was the third and final session and our venue for the day was the River Severn at Ironbridge. We put on the river at Buildwas where there are a few gentle rapids to introduce ferry gliding and breaking in / out of the current so before heading off we played in the rapid for a while and the group were grinning like Cheshire Cats as we paddled off downstream.

We stopped for lunch at the rowing club and entertained each other with a quite a few corny jokes before paddling down to the Ironbridge. We headed slightly further downstream before stopping for a few games before paddling back up the river a little way to the get out which was the Museum of the Gorge.

A great day out in fantastic weather and I wish the group every success in completing their next award.

If you would like this sort of session for your group then please take a look on our main website to find out more by clicking here.

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