Canoeing on the River Severn

Earlier in the week I was joined by my friend and fellow outdoor instructor Martin Digby for a canoe trip as part of our ongoing personal development. Out initial intention had been to paddle on the Afon Banwy between Lanerfyl to Meifod. Unfortunately, our timing was a little off and the water levels had dropped to such an extent that we would have bumped and scraped most of the way down the river. Which would no have been an enjoyable experience.

Looking for Martin on the Severn

However, we did have a back up plan which was to Paddle on the River Severn between Newtown and Abbermule. Martin hadn’t paddled this stretch of the river before and it has been some time since I  last paddled it so it was a great opportunity for both of us to explore the river and have a bit of a play on the more bumpy water. I must confess, I had forgotten just how much a pleasant trip this is with stretches of gently flowing river regularly broken up by sections of grade 2 rapids. I’m running a 3 star canoe assessment in March and so if there’s enough water I’ll probably use this as one of the venues.

In the meantime, I’ll be monitoring the weather conditions so that we take advantage of them to paddle the Afon Banwy.



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