Canoeing – Introductory Session on the River Severn

Standing at Welsh Bridge

Following a successful biking session for a local school a few weeks ago I was back again to provide a canoeing taster session on the River Severn in Shrewsbury. After quick introductions and a safety brief we unloaded the canoes and were soon on the water in glorious sunshine. As paddled along the river to Welsh Bridge we looked at few skills such as turning (sweep strokes) and rudders to make the paddling more efficient.

Gunnel bobbing

Soon it was time for the return journey which we decided to do standing up for a while and drew lots of laughter from those on the river bank. As we reached the get out, there was still time to play a few games (gunnel bobbing) and to find out what the true use of a paddle is (splashing others). Needless to say I ended up completely soaked but judging by the happy smiling faces we all had a great time.

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