Canoeing – Guided Trip on the Dee

Playing on the rapids

It’s always good when clients return to top up their skills and today, I was coaching 1 to 1 on the River Dee between Glyndyfrdwy to the Mile End Mill Site. We spent some time on the first rapid looking at ferry gliding and breaking in / out of the current using the SPANGLE model and it was good to see Jason crossing the flow with ease.

As we progressed down river I was soon able to take a back seat role with Jason taking the lead on all the rapids and picking some very nice lines indeed. We also talked about river leading strategies (CLAP & RAG). All too soon we arrived at the Horseshoe Fall where we put on the canal for a little way to return to the river below the Serpents Tail to continue down to the Mill End Mill Site.

By down Jason was cruising down the river and took the motor museum rapids and campsite rapids in his stride. We played at the base of the Campsite rapid for some time looking at how speed and edge can be used to cross the flow.

Despite being one of the coldest days I have paddled it was still a great day out nonetheless!

To see more photographs of the trip then please click here.

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