Canoeing For Arthog Outreach A Real Outdoor Adventure

Canoeing a real outdoor adventure

This week I was out canoeing for Arthog Outreach with a group of Year 5’s for an outdoor adventure. This was a refreshing change from previous weeks where I  delivering REC first aid courses. To find out more about these courses take a look at the links below:

Emergency First Aid for the Outdoors
Basic First Aid for the Outdoors
Emergency First Aid for the Outdoors

This weeks session was working with a group of Year 5’s for a day of canoeing for an outdoor adventure. Despite the cold weather the group had a fantastic time canoeing.  I introduced the basic skills and we played lots of games, races and practiced Harry Potter spells to reinforce the learning.

The group were a little apprehensive at the start but as they gained confidence so did their enthusiasm. All enjoyed their time on the water, which I’m sure this was a result of a trust based coaching approach.  I was introduced to this approach at a recent Mountain Training Association (MTA) Coaching conference so its great to see this working in my coaching sessions.

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