Canoeing – BCU 3 Star Training / Assessment

Over the weekend, I was running a three star training and assessment course for Cliff & Simon who were keen to progress with their coaching awards. Although, I have run this type of course in one day, I have found that running it over 2 days puts less pressure on the candidates and allows time for further development.

Improvised Sailing

Our venue for Day 1 was The Mere in Ellesmere and is a great place to practice the fundamental skills (forwards, backwards, stopping and turning as well as rescues). The weather on Saturday was a bit of a mixed bag but when the wind picked up it was a great opportunity to have a go an sailing. We experimented with quite a few improvised sails and the lads were grinning like Cheshire Cats with their preferred method, which was an upturned canoe as the sail. We finished off the day with rescues and I have to admit the enthusiasm in which the lads took a dip in the The Mere was pretty impressive!

Running Jackfield Rapid

Unfortunately, the weather decided to turn nasty on the Sunday as we made our way to the River Severn at Ironbridge. After a bit of  chat on boat outfitting and river running strategies we made our way to the Jackfield Rapids (Grade 2), practicing break outs and break ins and ‘S’ turns on the way. Before running the rapid, we got out and discussed suitable lines and I let the lads chose which eddies they would like to make on the way through.  Leadership strategy sorted and we all run the rapids with ease and the lads opted for a second run with me providing bank side support. All to soon it was time to get off the water and start the brutal portage to get the boats back up to the road.

I’m pleased to say that both Cliff and Simon passed and I wish them every success in their future canoe adventures.

If you or your club would like a me to run a 3 Star Training and Assessment then please take a look at our main website to find out more by clicking here.

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