Canoeing at Arthog Outreach

Canoeing at Simpsons Pool

Canoeing at Simpsons Pool

Due to other commitments, it was a short week for me at Arthog Outreach  but I was involved in a lovely canoeing session at Simpsons Pool.

The group were a little nervous, at first, as many had not being canoeing before but with gentle encouragement and lots of games to build confidence they were soon whizzing about with ease. All to soon, it was time for lunch and it was great to see the whole group heartily tucking in.

After lunch we were soon back on the water and it was pleasing to see the group going off to explore the full extents of Simpsons Pool. A few games later and then I came up with a plan for a bit of a race to show off their skills. I had given one of the less able teams a little chat and a little bit od direct input on their paddling skills and it was great to see them shoot off at great speed, under control, to the half way point, pull off a doughnut (360 degree turn) and heading off to the finish line. Then disaster struck, an over enthusiastic correct and the team took a dunking. A few moment later they were back in their boat, grinning, laughing  and shivering at the same time.

As it was almost the end of the session, the whole group got off the water and loaded the trailer up at warp speed and we were soon back at the centre so the ‘swimmers’ could get out of their wet clothes and properly warm up. Despite the dunking, all the group wanted to come back and have another go at canoeing so a job well done (well almost) in my opinion.

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