Canoeing – Arthog Outreach (Week 4)

This is the fourth week (Mondays & Tuesdays only) of a 6 week programme to provide a canoeing activity for the classes of Year 3 and Year 4 as they are looking at water based transportation this term.

Playing 'Titanic'

Our venue for this project is the Shropshire Union Canal or ‘Shroppie’  to its friends near Newport, which is quite popular for narrow boat enthusiasts. Much of the session is about teamwork and learning to work together to make tasks successful. The sessions are still evolving but the groups under instruction have unloaded and loaded the canoes, assisted with rafting them up and played an active part in paddling the canoes along the canal.

The groups this week were quite challenging and the session content was adapted to reflect the needs of the group as some some of them struggled with the concepts of how to hold a paddle let alone use it to propel the boat! However, after a few games (spinning the boat on the spot, titanic and fruit salad) things began to click and we were soon zipping up and down the canal with ease.

A tough session but I’m learning just as much as the kids about working with this age group and I’m already looking forwards to the next lot of sessions.

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