Canoe Trip on the River Dee

River Dee - Above Horsehoe Falls

Last week, I was out on a peer trip canoe Paddie with my fellow instructors from Arthog Outreach on the River Dee.

Our plan for the day was to run from Glyndyfrdwy to the Mile end Mill site in Llangollen. We arrived on site to sort out the shuttle to find the gauge was on 11 which was going to give an exciting trip.

We had a great day out and helped another group to recover a a paddler, paddle and boat after they had capsized, run some entertaining grade 2 water and and laughed and joked most of the way to Horseshoe Falls on the edge of Llangollen.

From here the river steps ups a level with a number of grade 2 plus rapids and of the course the Serpents Tail (Grade 4). We took the chicken run around the Horseshoe Fall and with a huge ‘canoe filling stopper’ at Serpents Tail we opted for a portage. A few rapids later and we were soon at the Mile End Mill with a huge smiles on our faces.


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