Canoe Session on the River Severn

Happy on the water

I was asked by my good friend Martin Digby, who runs his own outdoor business in Ellesmere, to assist with an introductory canoe session on the River Severn for a local college. The outline plan was to meet at Shrewsbury Weir and then paddle to Atcham (12km), which to me is one of the best stretches on the river.

We met up with the group and after a introductions, a quick game or two and safety brief we were soon on the water. This was the group’s first trip in a canoe and it was great to see them pick up the skills so quickly. As the group had sat exams in the morning, Martin and I opted for a fun trip and took some time to stop at a shingle beach to practice skimming stones and I’m not sure who enjoyed this the most, Martin or the group.

Skimming stones

At one point the wind picked up and one of the group capsized but this was quickly dealt with and with a bit of effort we soon found shelter and were able to make good progress to the get out at Atcham.


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  1. Martin Digby says:

    Thanks for your help today Chris.
    It was great to have you along and I’ve certainly had positive feedback from the students.

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