Canoe Instruction on Bala Lake

On Friday, I was working with Jason and Marianne who had approached me for some formal canoe coaching. The venue for the day was be Bala Lake, which is a great location to introduce those new to the sport.

Moving the boat sideways

The morning was spent looking at the fundamental skills of forward paddling, stopping & reversing, turning and moving sideways. Jason and Marianne picked up the new skills easily and there was a major improvement in their paddling at this point, so much so that I decided to throw in a few cross deck strokes for good measure. After lunch the wind picked up so we  took the opportunity to look at improvised sailing which went reasonable well but all too soon the wind ceased. I opted to continue with the traditional skills and we looked poling and I’m pleased to say no one fell. Our last session of the day was too look at rescues (people and boats).

I had also been assessing Jason and Marianne for their one star ward and I’m pleased to say they passed with flying colours and I look forward to working with then for a white water day later in the year.


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