Canoe Expedition on the River Wye

Getting to grips with paddling on day one

Getting to grips with paddling on day one

Two weeks ago, I was Course Leading a canoe expedition on the River Wye for my friends at Class Adventure. We had three teams on the water and over a five day period we looked at the following skills:

  • Canoe fundamentals;
  • Menu planning;
  • Expedition cooking & safe use of stoves;
  • Tent pitching & personal admin;
  • Personal responsibility & looking after each other; and
  • Teamwork – leadership roles & responsibilities.

The main component of the trip was preparing for and undertaking a two day expedition on the River Wye between Hoarwithy and Symonds Yat, which is a really nice section of river to paddle. Over the two days, it was great to see the team improve their paddling skills and get to grips with river running strategies as we run the various riffles and minor rapids.

The final day was an adventure trek along the river to the bouncy footbridge at Biblins Campsite before making the steep ascent up the Yat Rock to see the peregrine falcons that nest in the steep limestone cliffs.

I had a great time leading this course and I look forward to working with the school next year on their return visit.


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  1. James J Nolan says:

    Love the blog – the river wye trip was hard work but very rewarding see you next year. Jim

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