Canoe Coaching on the River Severn

I seem to have found a bit of a reputation for providing canoe coaching and over the weekend, I was working with two clients (Steve and Ali) to provide a a canoe foundation course on the River Severn. The day was structured as follows:

a) Introductions  safety brief;
b) Fundamental strokes (forward paddling, stopping,  moving sideways & turning); and
c) River trip to practice the new skills (Shrewsbury to Atcham  – 16km).

The morning skills sessions went very well and after concentrating on the fundamental skills, I was also able to introduce the J stroke ad bow rudder. Around midday we made the preparations for the river trip and were soon confronted with Shrewsbury Weir, which given the water levels was swiftly portaged. With the water pushing us along nicely, it was a good opportunity for Steve and Ali and practice solo paddling and this was enjoyed by all. We finished off the day with rescues and I was able to award the BCU 1 Star Proficiency Award, which was a nice surprise to end the day.

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