Canoe Coaching on the River Dee

Making the Eddy

On Friday, I was working with a past Client, to prepare him for his 3 Star Canoe Assessment. Our venue for the day was the River Dee at Llangollen, which for those in the know has lots of flat, moving and white water locations.

We chatted over tea about a outline for the day but I’m a firm believer in you can’t coach what you haven’t seen so it was soon on the water to look at the fundamental skills. After observing for a few moments the outline programme was added to and we looked at a number of skills based on boat, body and blade and speed, angle and edge (spangle). Over the course of the day we looked at:

  • Efficient forwards paddling (using trunk rotation);
  • Turning (on the move and statically);
  • How to accelerate the boat;
  • Reverse paddling and stopping;
  • Breaking in / out of the current;
  • Ferry gliding;
  • River running hazards / commands and leadership; and
  • Updates on rescue techniques.

Overall, a very pleasant days coaching and a very happy Client who will do well on his assessment, particularly if he follows his action plan.

If you would like one to one coahing to improve your performance or to take the BCU proficiency personal performance awards then please take a loook at the mioan website by clicking here.

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