Bushcraft Training For The Shropshire Wildlife Trust

Carving project

Carving project

Here are CHMAS we believe that outdoor learning should be fun and inspire others to go out and have their own adventures. As such Chris was delighted to be asked to provide two days of staff  bushcraft training for the Shropshire Wildlife Trust.

Day 1 – Fundamental Skills
This was run at the Adventure Ropes Course bushcraft site and covered the following core skills:

  • Ethos of bushcraft and survival;
  • Safe tool use (knife & saw);
  • Shelter building;
  • Fire lighting (including fire by friction); and
  • Introduction to natural navigation.

The final part of the course was to set homework for the mini sessions that the staff would present to the group on the next session. Topics ranged from natural navigation to water purification and knife law).

Day 2 – Applying The Skills
This day was all about the staff showing off their new skills and using them to cook and make things. This day was run from the Shropshire Wildlife Trust’s bushcraft site on the Ercal. The topics for the day included

  • Mini sessions from the staff and I picked up quite a few ideas from these;
  • Game preparation (trout) and methods of cooking it;
  • Fire lighting (including a demo of fire by friction from one of the staff members);
  • Damper bread and campfire cooking;
  • Camp gadgets (spoons and mushroom carving).

The day proved to be quite a success and I’m keen to work with these enthusiastic staff in the future as they roll out their activity programme.

To see a few pictures from the day then please click here.

If you would like CHMAS to run a bushcraft session for you and your group then please take a look at our bushcraft pages to find out more.

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