Bushcraft Skills – Traditional Fire Making

The fire lighting kit

As part of an ongoing evening programme provided by the Adventure Ropes Course, I have been asked to assist with Bush Craft Provision for a local school. This is the second evening and I was running the ‘advanced group’ teaching them how to make fire using the traditional method of making an ember from char cloth using flint & steel just like our ancestors would have done a long time ago.

Igniting the tinder nest

The first task of the evening was to practice the technique of making sparks with the flint and steel sometimes results in wrapped knuckles. Tonight was no exception!! With everyone producing sparks it was time to add the char cloth and ignite it with a spark. Sometimes your lucky and the spark drops nicely and other times it can take a while but all the groups preserved and managed to ignite the char cloth. With the char cloth lit it is placed in a tender nest (this time dried grass) and you blow until the tender nest ignites (you need to watch your hands / arms at this point).

The end result

I’m pleased to say all the groups light their fires and were rightly pleased with their efforts and then all too soon it was time to put out the fires and reflect on the achievement.

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