Bushcraft Skills – Carving

The tools - first aid kit at the ready

As part of an ongoing evening programme provided by the Adventure Ropes Course, I have been asked to assist with Bush Craft Provision for a local school. This is the┬áthird evening and I was running the ‘advanced group’ teaching them how to safely use hand tools to carve useful objects.

The session began with a safety brief on how to use the tools efficiently and safely before deciding on the object they wished to carve (paddle, canoe, acorn, spearhead, axe r spoon). Without any encouragement the group decided on two paddles and two canoes, which as a canoeist almost brought a tear to my eye!

The end result (almost)

I’m pleased to say that by the end of the session, apart from two minor cuts, there were no major injuries and we had the makings of some very fine carvings indeed, which if time permits will be finished off during the remaining course programme.

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