Bushcraft Instructor Training – Part 3 (Weekend 2)

Following a cold but successful weekend in January, I was back for another weekend of NCFE Level 4 bushcraft instructor training in March.

Single person shelter

There were 11 students on the weekend bushcraft course with a further 6 on a follow up weekend to complete their NCFE Level 2 Bushcraft Certification. I was working with the weekend bushcraft course, where as well as observing sessions, I was geared up to deliver sessions  for:

  • shelter building (tarps and natural shelters); and
  •  a woodland sauna.

Group lean to shelters

These sessions went very well indeed and I was extremely pleased at how well all the shelters turned out and I’m pleased to say that I am know signed off to run these activities. An important part of the training is to observe sessions, repare lesson plans before being assessed running the session. The lesson plans can be a bit of a chore but this really focusses the mind on the best way to put across the important information in an efficient manner.

This weekend, I was fortunate enough to have a hands on role in the following sessions and look forward to running them in the future:

  • cutting tool safety;
  • safe cutting techniques; and
  • game preparation (pigeon, trout & rabbit).

Woodland sauna - ready for hot coals and folk

When I wasn’t observing there were camp chores to be done, tending the fire, lighting the oven, hot water for brews and the obligatory social gatherings around the fire and and meal times. I always feel enlightened after these courses and come away with many great ideas to include in my own bushcraft sessions. In the meantime, I’ll be out in the woods gathering the materials to practice my skills for the next cours

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