Bushcraft Fun

For me working with folk in the outdoors has always been fun but when it’s combined with bushcraft it just makes it so special. I’m not sure if this is because its great to see the teams work together to achieve the tasks or the look of pride on their faces when they make fire for the first time but its always the same feeling.

Cooking the kebabs

I was working with a group from RAF Shrawbury, to provide an afternoon of bushcraft skills. After chatting with the group leader, the following programme was devised:

  • Fire lighting techniques;
  • Outdoor cooking (dampers, kebabs and marsh mallows);
  • Natural navigation (finding your way by natural indicators);
  • Natural cordage (bramble & nettle).

What surprised me the most was that both teams opted to make an ember with char cloth and then used it to ignite a tender bundle to get their fire started rather than using other simpler methods. With the fire started, it was soon time to mix the floor wand water for the dampers and cook them over the fire, next it was time to cook the kebabs before finishing off with marshmallows.

The group were also impressed with the natural navigation and cordage sessions and were still asking for more when the bus arrived to pick them up so I guess they must have enjoyed the session.

If this type of session appeals to you then please take a look at our main by clicking here.


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