Bushcraft for Arthog Outreach

Showing off their shelter

Showing off their shelter

Today, I was working for my good friends at Arthog Outreach taking a group of Year 5?s into the woods to learn some fundamental bushcraft skills

Our venue for the the day was to be Ercal Wood near Wellington which is a great venue to go off exploring and have some fun. Our first challenge was to make a picture using natural materials, we had models of a playground, stick man and a face. After a vote, the face was declared the best one to be shown off in Mrs Pearson’s (teacher) art gallery.

A bit further into the woods and it was time to make some natural shelters and then the group had to make a sales pitch to sell the finished product so that I didn’t have to sleep out under the stars again. Both teams worked hard to make their shelters and the teamwork displayed was exceptional, a point not lost on the teaching staff.

Our final challenge was to make a fire with a fire-steel and it didn’t come as much of a surprise that this was the most popular activity. After a bit of practice, everyone lit the cotton wool and both teams successfully managed to get a fire started.

A good day out with a nice group of young people and really showed what can be achieved by learning in the outdoors.

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