Bushcraft Course

Bushcamp – prior to the group arriving

Last weekend, I assisited on a bushcraft course for my good friends at Survival School and I have to say it was one of the wettest courses that I’ve been involved with. Our group were a stag party on a 24 hour bushcraft & survival experience, which involved an overnight stay. Over their time in the woods the group were introduced to:

  • Safe tool use & cutting techniques;
  • Shelter build (natural & man made);
  • Foraging;
  • Game preparation (rabbit delivered by me);
  • Damper bread (delivered by me);
  • Traps & snares; and
  • Fire Lighting.

In bushcamp – waiting for dinner

It seems that,I have a bit of a reputation at Survival School of being able to multi task and cook meals (things that my wife would certainly not agree with) so it was left to me to manage the camp area (lighting & tending the fire, ensuring hot water for brews, cooking the evening meal which was rabbit stewand making breakfast). This did however mean that I stayed relatively dry under the camp shelter!

The camp shelter was put to good use after the evening meal as the group got stuck in to making mallets and tent pegs and it never ceases to amaze me how engaged folk get with this process and how pleased they are with the finished products.

I had a great time in the woods with my friends at Survival School and judging by the feedback we received, despite the harsh weather conditions, so did the clients.

To find out more about courses run by Survival School then please click here.

If you would like CHMAS to run a bushcraft course for your friends based in the glorious Shropshire Countryside then please take a look at our main website to find out more by clicking here.


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