Bushacraft Instructor Training – Part 3 (Weekend 7)

I’m very fortunate to be on an Instructor Training Programme provided by Jonny Crocket of Survival School, which is accredited by the NCFE at Level 4.  Following successful completion of parts 1 and 2 and I’m currently being assessed to deliver the individual modules that make up a NCFE Level 2 Course, which provides a thorough grounding in the core bushcraft skills. These modules are listed below and so that you can see how I’m progressing, I have marked the ones that have been completed.

  1. Welcome & Safety Brief
  2. Cutting Tool Safety – Complete
  3. Game Preparation (Pigeon) – Complete
  4. Breakfast Bread – Complete
  5. Cutting Techniques – Complete
  6. Shelters – Complete
  7. Game Preparation (Trout) – Complete
  8. Game Preparation (Rabbit) – Complete
  9. Fire
  10. Traps & Snares – Complete
  11. Water – Complete
  12. Natural Cordage – Complete
  13. Knife Law – Complete
  14. Knife Sharpening – Complete
  15. Foraging – Complete
  16. Natural Navigation – Complete
  17. Woodland Sauna – Complete
  18. Closing Brief

Unfortunately, I was only able to make the Sunday of the course so I was extremely pleased to be signed off for the foraging module, which went very well indeed. Next weekend I’ll be running the fire session and all being well I shall be running a complete course in May which means I will have completed the programme.

However, I need to practice the fire by friction so I’ll be sneaking off to the woods to practice so that all goes well next weekend.

For more information on Survival School courses please click here.

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