Bronze DofE Practice Expedition

The group walking as a team on the way to the overnight camp

The group walking as a team on the way to the overnight camp

On Saturday, I was looking after a team completing their Bronze DofE Practice Expedition in Llangollen for SGHS. I had been involved previously with the training elements and now I was working with a new team for the practice. After the obligatory kit check and weighing of the rucksacks we were soon off the Ponderosa Café which was the start of the walk and this year I managed to resist the temptation to have a cream tea before starting the expedition.

The team were keen to set off but we took a little time for them to talk me through the route and draw it on the map. We team left the café in good spirits and it was great to see them using the skills they had learnt from training. However, I couldn’t help but notice there was a little tension in the team and choosing the lunch spot brought this to a head as some wanted to stop and others wanted to carry on. After a little bit of facilitation and this was eventually resolved and the team seemed much more coherent as one unit.

By the halfway point, I was already shadowing the group from a distance and opted to leave them to make their own way to the campsite which they did with relative ease. On arrival at the overnight camp the tents were pitched with ease and they were soon tucking in to their evening meal.

The next day the group where walking along the canal to Chirk so I was quite happy to let them crack on with minimal intervention and the smiles on their faces when they reached the end point said it all.

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