Bronze DofE Practice Expedition

Making short work of the steep ascent

Making short work of the steep ascent

Last weekend, I was working for a local school supervising a DofE Bronze Practice Expedition. I had previously worked with the group for the training phase and they were quite excited to show me that they had acted on the advice given.

After the kit check and general route preparations we were off to start the walk from the Ponderosa Café on the Horseshoe Pass near Llangollen. The group were very excited to be on expedition but soon settled in to the expedition. We had a mixed bag of weather as we made our way to the Tower Campsite in Llangollen (rain, mist & sunshine) without too many navigational mishaps. The group arrived at the campsite at 17:00 and made short work of getting the tent up and preparing the evening meal.

The next day the group walked along the Llangollen Canal to Chirk taking in the magnificent aqueduct which was built by Thomas Telford.

Well I’m pleased to say the group successfully completed their practice expedition and I wish them every success with the qualifying expediton later in the year

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