Basecamp – Crickhowell

I recently spent five great days working for Class Adventure as a Team Leader on their base camp programme, which is run from from the beautiful Glanusk Estate in Crickhowell. As this was a five day programme, the group were engaged in the following activities:

  • Climbing & Abseiling
  • Kayaking;
  • Bushcraft;
  • Orienteering; and
  • A Two Day Adventure Trek.

Climbing on the Tower

Climbing & Abseiling
This was my first activity with the group as we got to grips with knots and belaying on the purpose made climbing and abseil tower on the estate grounds. Despite the poor weather the group got stuck in with many overcoming their fear of heights on both the climb and abseil. A great way to start off a week long course.


Kayaking on the Canal

With most having never kayaked before this proved to be quite a challenge but with encouragement and lots of games the  laughter returned and the boats moved with ease on the water. Some even relaxed enough to splash the instructor and start an impromptu water fight!



Producing a Spark

After drying out after lunch, it was time to turn our hand to the most fundamental skills of bushcraft, shelter building and making fire. With the team suitably enthused we soon had some very impressive shelters indeed. With the remaining time, looked at fire lighting using a modern flint and steel.



Looking fpr the Next Checkpoint

This activity is great fun and allows navigational skills, teamwork and trust to be developed in safe manner with the teams deciding a strategy to collect the most amount of points in the allotted time. I’m pleased to say that all the teams did very well and the end result was very close indeed!



At Crickhowell - Table Mountain in the Background

Adventure Trek
The adventure trek is always a fun activity and for our first afternoon trek we walked along the Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal before walking a short way along the bank of the River Usk, which given the rocky / steep nature of the path some of the group found really challenging. Our campsite for the night was right of the Usk and we had been given permission to light a camp fire so we were able to toast marsh mallows.

Day two of the trek, was to walk into Crickhowell before walking along the banks of the River Usk to a secluded site in a nearby wood. Along the way we looked at map reading and took the opportunity to stop for an ice cream, which for some was the highlight of the trek.

Overall, a great five days working with a fantastic shool group and teaching staff.

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