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Having fun on Factory Falls

Having fun on Factory Falls

A few members of the Outreach Team have a 4 star canoe assessment looming and are keen to get in a few extra days on white water. With this in mind we headed off to Llangollen for a paddle on the River Dee to look at the core skills and leadership required for the 4 star assessment.

Our journey started on the Llangollen Canal and we poled ad paddled up the canal to get within a stones throw of the Chainbridge Hotel so that we could put on below the Serpents Tail.

We had a quick warm up on the rapids below the Serpents Tail,  looked at some simple lining and then it was time to make progress down the river. All too soon, Motor Museum Rapids, Campsite Rapids, Tombstones Weir, Middle Weir and Factory falls were run with ease and it was time to get off the water.

To see a few photogrphs od the day then please click here.

The lads had a great time on the water and if you would like CHMAS to provide this type of training for you and your friends then please take a look at our canoeing page to find out more by clicking here.

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