Arthog Outreach – Activity Instruction

I really enjoy working for my friends at Arthog Outreach and last week was no exception!

On Wednesday, I was working with a Year 3 and Year 4 group team building and I must confess I’m building up quite a good reputation with how I deliver these sessions. The teams just seem to love doing the appraisals including of the team and team leader and I always find it quite inspiring o watch the improvement made over the course of the day.

Exiting a narrow passage

Exiting a narrow passage

Friday was a real treat in that I took a group caving at Ogof Llanymynech and it was great to see them getting into the exploration of the cave system. As I had a bit of spare time, I took the group into the Mandible Chamber and inspired by the story of my caving mentor Al they decided to crawl out of the chamber with their lights out just to see if they could do it. Absolutely awesome!!

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