Archery and Other Fun at the Adventure Ropes Course

On Saturday, I was working for my good friends at the Adventure Ropes Course providing an activity session for the Guide Association.  During their time at the ropes course, they took part in a archery session in the morning and moved on the ropes course in the afternoon.


Who's hit the bulls eye then?

Who’s hit the bulls eye then?

After a prompt safety brief it was soon time to get on with shooting the arrows, which some found quite challenging at first but with a bit of help and encouragement they were soon hitting the bullseye. To develop skills we played around the clock and ‘pop a balloon which proved to be very popular with the young people and their accuracy seemed to improve no end after this exercise!

Adventure Ropes Course

  • Adventure tunnels & parachute fan;
  • High Al-a-board
  • Crate stack; and
  • Giant Swing.
Crate stack in progress

Crate stack in progress

A lovely afternoons work with some great young people and I they certainly left with fond memories of their  time at the Adventure Ropes Course judging by the feedback received from the group leader

‘What a brilliant time we all had yesterday at the Adventure Rope Course, Shrewsbury. The girls really enjoyed all the activities you provided for them! Chris you worked so hard to make sure they all were having a great time and you must have been exhausted at the end! We really appreciated everything you did for the girls. Thank you once again.’

If you would like CHMAS to provide this type of activity for you and your group then please take a look at our main website to find out more by clicking here

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