Another Week At Arthog Outreach

Adult CPR in progress

Adult CPR in progress

I really enjoy working for my friends at Arthog Outreach as no two weeks are the same!

This week, I have been running a Year 3 Team building day, a first aid course and a habitat walk for a group for a Year 1 Group.

Year 3 Team Building
We had some 30 plus students out for a team building day who where going to stuck into the following activities: climbing, team challenges and orienteering. I was asked to run the team challenges. Each session was slightly different as we played communication games, hoop challenge, tile challenge, balance tray challenge and a few low ropes elements to build trust. A very rewarding day indeed!

First Aid Course
The first day of a REC Level Emergency First Aid Course for Arthog Outreach as part of their adult development programme. A lively course with lots of good discussion.

Year 1 Habitat Walk
I love working with this age group as their natural curiosity is just so infectious! We used simple maps to identify different habitats and then went off exploring to see what we could see in the different habitats. We found Wild Garlic, Gorse Petals and Wood Sorrel to eat which were sampled by all, drunk water from a natural spring, followed animal tracks and poked our head into an old mine. It was the best day ever some of the young people told me.

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