Another Week At Arthog Outreach

The group deciding on the way forward

This week’s work for Arthog Outreach has seen me doing some centre admin, kayak rescue training and caving sessions and a mighty fine week it was too.

Centre Admin
In a past life, I was a Highway Engineer, responsible for amongst other things risk assessments and safe working practices so I was tasked to write up a risk assessment for Bushcraft – Foraging & Cooking, a new venue for canoeing and then complete a COSHH Assessment. A bit of change from outdoor instruction

Canoe Rescue Training
A local college, w=is preparing its students for canoe / kayak module and I was asked to introduce canoe rescues to them in the swimming pool before they did them for real outside. We looked at bank based rescues, swimmer rescues, emptying boats, getting people back in and self rescue. The group were really enthusiastic and all wanted to do more so a a job well done in my opinion.

Caving at Ogof Llanymynech
It was nice to be back at the cave for a return visit with another Year 5. Like the group the previous week they were a little anxious about caving first but with a few stories about how the cave was firmed, the previous uses of the cave and a few stories about how I got into caving they soon overcame their fear and were keen to go on explore. All the group made it into the Shaft Chamber and then most went into Fiveways Chamber and on to face the puddle of truth. A very enjoyable day indeed.

If you would like CHMAS to provide this type of activity for you and your group then please take a look at our Group Activity Page to find out more.

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