Another Week At Arthog Outreach

Wild garlic – yum yum in my tum

Last week at Arthog Outreach, I was involved in environmental sessions, hill walking and team building sessions and it was another lovely one too.

Environmental Sessions
This week were back to building model mud hats and despite getting very muddy hands and in some cases faces, the group were very pleased with their achievements. We need a little time next week to finish off the walls and make the roof. A job well done in my opinion.

Hill Walking
Despite the windy weather, we ventured off to Earls Hill and we were treated to some great displays from the Peregrine Falcons and some great views from the summit (The Wrekin & The Longmynd Hills were all visible). We also did a little bit of foraging along the way and sampled some gorse petals, wild garlic and wood sorrel. However, the highlight of the day for most was the slide on the wet grass and the hot chocolate at lunch time.

Team Building Sessions
I would be working with a new group in the morning and I was given a brief of team building, which I threw out of the window as it quickly became apparent that this wasn’t going to work for this group. Instead, I set up a giant swing which meant that the group had to take it in turns for their go and the shrieks of delight as they swung through the air was absolutely delightful.

New week, we are planning to explore the site and possibly splash in the stream.

A rather nice week and I’m hoping that next week will be even better.

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