Another Week at Arthog Outreach

Another memorable week at Arthog Outreach delivering environmental, team building and first aid sessions.

Environmental Education Sessions
This was the final week for this group of Year 4’s so we ended with a fire session to make hot chocolate and toast marshmallows. We finished the session with a poster about fire safety some of these were very good indeed.

Team Building Sessions
For my morning group, we opted to stay on site to follow the ugly duckling trail. This involved, following a feather trail around our site crossing streams, though the bamboo, having hot chocolate at woodland camp and then singing songs in boat camp as we searched for the ugly duckling.

Pleased to award these certificates

My afternoon group continued with their first aid training and I was really impressed by how much they had retained. They were soon whizzing around the first aid bases so that they could demonstrate their skills. I am also very pleased to say that they all completed the requirements for the  British Heart Foundation – Heartstart Scheme and they were really pleased to receive their certificates.


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