Another Week at Arthog Outreach

A spider's web and spider in the centre grounds

A spider’s web and spider in the centre grounds

It’s been another lovely week at Arthog Outreach which has seen my leading the John Muir Award, Climbing and Hill Walking Sessions along with a Birthday Party Surprise.

John Muir Award
This was the first session of weekly programme and we took a little time to explore the centre grounds to identify potential environmental projects and it was really impressive as to how well the group engaged with this activity. We now have a prioritised list of projects and the group are extremely keen to start work.

Climbing at Grinshill
Quite a mixed bag of Year 5’s on this session, one or two very nervous and others brimming with confidence so much so that I was able to introduce some climbing movement skills which really improved their climbing. By the end of the session everyone had achieved new heights and were grinning like Cheshire Cats with their achievements with everyone completing 3 or more climbs.

Walking Up The Wrekin
I like walking up the Wrekin (which is just as well as really) and this time it was with a Year 1 group who loved identifying plants and have a good old explore. The views from the top were ‘awesome’ according to one individual and they took great delight in trying to identify the key features using the summit toposcope.

Birthday Party
This was a combined 8 & 10 year old Birthday Party Surprise with quite a diverse range of abilities. The session started with a bit of bush craft to light a fire and toast some marshmallows, which was enjoyed by all. A bit of lunch and it was time for some climbing and team games which again everyone enjoyed.

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