Another Day at the Adventure Ropes Course

Ground Based Activities with Ropes Course in the Background

Ground Based Activities with Ropes Course in the Background

Earlier in the week, I was working for my friends at the Adventures Ropes Course running an aims led team building session for a group preparing for for their D of E expedition. Being aims led we had a mix of ground based and ropes course based challenges for them to cut their teeth into.

We started off with a few ice breakers (human chain & magic cane) before using the ground based tasks (marble run, digit dodge, ball factory, blind square, skies & swamp crossing) to identify training needs that could enhance their D of E expedition experience.

Once identified and agreed by the group, these skills were further developed on the ropes course by tackling the following challenges, as appropriate:

  • Giant swing (a good one for team work and personal challenge);
  • Adventure tunnels (teamwork and looking after one another);
  • Leap of Faith (personal challenge & responsibility for others);
  • High-Al-Aboard (teamwork and responsibility for others); and
  • Parachute Fan ( personal challenge).

I had a great day working on this programme and look forward to seeing how the young people apply what they have learnt to successfully complete their D of E expedition.


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5 Responses to Another Day at the Adventure Ropes Course

  1. Phil Plant says:

    I quite like this idea Chris.

  2. The school usually visit the ropes course after their expedition as a reward for completing it. However, this year they are experimenting with uisng the ropes course as a team building exercise so only time will tell if this is beneficial. I’m inclined to think that it will be.

  3. Phil Plant says:

    That seems quite sensible, does it cost much?

  4. Phil – £23 for a half day or £30 for the full – take a look at the link below to find out more.

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