Adventure Ropes Course – Staff Training

Almost ready for the off!

Almost ready for the off!

On Thursday, I was at the Adventure Ropes Course for a bit of staff training and to be signed off for the ‘Sky Dive’. There was a mix of old and new staff as we looked at running some of the ‘standard activities’ and there was much discussion as certain technical issues were explained. All too soon it was time for lunch, kindly provided by Steph and a good chance to meet to chat with fellow outdoor instructors.

In flight with screams of delight

In flight with screams of delight

After lunch it was time to rig and run the ‘Sky Dive’ which after Steph’s exemplary brief was remarkably easy to do. Some of the more adventurous opted to have a go and soon there were shouts of delight and naughty words as they left the tower.

I had a great time at the staff training and look forward to running the ‘Sky Dive’ at the next opportunity. Thanks Steph for a great day of training and of course lunch.

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2 Responses to Adventure Ropes Course – Staff Training

  1. scoob says:

    Are you ‘scaredy Chris’ now?!

  2. chris says:

    Scoob – you won’t find me anywhere near it as a participant but runiing should be fairly straight forward – user guide will be published soon!!

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