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It was nice to be off (well for some of the time) over the Easter Holidays but I was quite looking forward to the start of the new term at Arthog Outreach. This week’s activities would entail providing the final sessions for a DofE Programme and a spot of canoeing on Simpsons Pool.

Canoeing At Simpsons Pool

Where have my friends gone?

Where have my friends gone?

I was working with a new school for the centre today on a series of one off activity sessions and for the first one I opted to take the group canoeing to Simpsons Pool. We started off with rafted canoes to build up confidence and then after lunch it was time for individual canoes which the group really enjoyed. We played lots of game to reinforce learning and it wasn’t too long before everyone was canoeing with ease.

DofE Sessions
This was to be the teams final session before their qualifying expedition later in May so in order the give the team the best possible chance of success we looked at the following:

  • Review of the practice expedition (areas for improvement and what we learnt and/or enjoyed);
  • Route Planning (getting the route cards ship shape for the qualifying expedition;
  • Top tips for assessment;
  • Team Challenges as fitting end to the session.

Unfortunately, this was my final session with the team and despite the challenges encountered throughout the training phase, I was a little saddened that I wasn’t able to be part of their qualifying expedition. That said, I would still like to wish the teams every success in their qualifying expedition and I look forward to hearing how well they did later in the year.

If you would like CHMAS to help with your DofE programme then please take a look at our main website by clicking here.

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