Activity Camp in Somerset

On the raft - happy days

On the raft – happy days

Last week, I was working for my friends at Outposts running an activity camp for a group of BTEC students as part of their course programme. The first two modules were to be assessed via a series of command tasks and centred on how well they worked as part of the team and then leading the team. The second two modules were outdoor activity related, which in this case was to be climbing and abseiling. There were 6 young people on the course and I was very impressed by how the they got stuck into all the tasks and supported each other

The command tasks went well enough and as expected after a bit of input they improved each time. However, for me the best part of this module was the final task which was  to navigate successfully to an unknown location  via a series of clues and then rescue a package from a centre of the lake. The navigation element went well and the team were soon building an improvised raft to retrieve the package. The raft stayed intact and afloat long enough to retrieve the package and the team were extremely proud with their efforts. A job well done in my opinion!

The activity module went well and despite a few of the group having first time nerves about the climbing and abseiling they all had a go with some of them pushing themselves well out of their comfort zone. As well as the physical aspect of climbing the group were assessed on belaying, tying on, knowledge of climbing grades, controlling a safety rope on the abseil and producing risk assessments.

I’m pleased to say that all passed the assessed modules and with support were able to visualise where there learning experiences and coping strategies could be used in every day life. A very enjoyable course to work on and wish the students every success in completing their award.


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