Activity Camp in Ellesmere

Playing a few games like

Playing a few games like

Last week, I was part of a team providing canoeing & bushcraft activities for Lakelands School in Ellesmere. The camp was based at the Shropshire Sailing Club and my first day was split between canoeing and bushcraft. With northerly winds up to 16mph the canoeing was a little lively at times but we still managed to find a few quiet spots to play a few games and practice some fundamental skills before setting off on a little journey around the lake.

After lunch, it was time to introduce a few bushcraft skills to the group, namely fire lighting so that they could toast some marshmallows. I usually start these seasons with a few questions and a favourite question is “What’s the difference between survival and bushcraft?” Well the answer I received on this occasion really made me chuckle and I thought I would share it with you.

“Survival is doing what you need to survive and bushcraft is trimming bushes”

On the final day, the conditions were absolutely perfect for canoeing and we were able to travel the complete circumference of the lake stopping to play games, look at the flora and fauna and practice the ancient of stand up paddling.

I had  a wonderful two days and to see a few pictures of the activity camp then please click here.

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