Activity Camp at Crickhowell

Team task under way

Team task under way

Last week, I was working for my friends at Class Adventure as a team leader on a four day activity camp in Crickhowell for a group of year 7’s. Over the four days the team were introduced to the following activities:

  • Team building challenges;
  • Kayaking;
  • Climbing & abseiling;
  • Adventure trekking; and
  • Bushcraft.
Happy at lighting the fire - nice one

Happy at lighting the fire – nice one

The activities, although fun, are really designed to develop the softer skills of being independent,  working as part of a team, leadership, patience, listening skills, empathy, time keeping, looking after yourself and supporting each other. The team faced a few challenges in the early stages as they got to know each other (namely listening skills and using their initiative). However. I’m pleased to say by the end of the programme these skills were greatly improved and I hope they are able to use their new skills back at school and as they progress into adulthood.

A great four days but I’m looking forward to spending a few days with the family before the next block of work kicks in.

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