A Wet Day (Gorge Walking & Kayaking)

A few weekends ago, I found myself working for my good friends at ProAdventure providing a gorge walking and introduction to white water kayaking session and I had a thoroughly good day.

Gorge Walking


After putting on our wetsuits it was time to head off to a privately owned gorge north of Llangollen. I had five clients for this trip who were all looking forward to getting wet. This particularly gorge starts fairly gently before moving on to some rock slides, sumps and jumps to finish off which means folk finish on a high. Judging the grins and laughter after the jumps all enjoyed the experience.

Introduction to White Water (Kayaking)

Breaking in to to the eddy

I had two clients for the afternoon who had both paddled in their younger days and were looking for a quick reintroduction to the sport. Given the short timescale I opted to run the session on the River Dee at Llangollen based on the theme of Speed / Angle / Edge or those in the know SPANGLE. Very soon they were running some of the easier rapids with ease and were longing to do more.

If this type of course appeals to you then please take a look at our main site by clicking here.

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