A Mixed Bag For Arthog Outreach

Fungi in the woods

Fungi in the woods

Now two weeks are the same when working for my friends at Arthog Outreach and this week I was involved in rock climbing, canoeing and woodland explorations sessions.

Climbing at Grinshill
Working with a Year 10 group who were enrolled on a Princes Trust Award scheme. The group where a little apprehensive at first but with a little encouragement and by operating in a ‘challenge by choice’ environment their confidence grew and they were soon reaching new heights. I was particularly impressed by the groups support of each other and how they quickly took responsibility for peer group belaying and self checks before climbing. Hopefully, I will be working with this client group in the New Year and I look forward to seeing what they can achieve.

Canoeing at Simpsons Pool
A very enthusiastic but anxious group of Year 5’s today. The group worked really efficiently to get the canoes unloaded and get them rafted together. The shrieks of delight as they gor on the water really made the day for me. We played lots of games to gain confidence (doughnuts, compass, stand up paddling, animal pick up) and the group were really pleased by what they had achieved.

Exploring Limekiln Woods
There are many hidden treasures in Limekiln Wood if you know where to look! Our visit was the well where everyone had a little drink, then we stopped to look in to the disused limekilns, from there it was on to the cave / mine and then to the secret den in the woods for lunch. After lunch we hunted for fungi, mini beats, took the time to follow a few animal tracks and looked at some fundamental fire lighting skills. All in all a lovely time in the woods at least that’s what the young people told me.

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