A Mighty Fine Week at Arthog Outreach

Looking after the descending climber

Looking after the descending climber

Last week, I was working for my friends at Arthog Outreach where I was involved in the following activities and a great time was had by all.

Climbing at Grinshill
A cracking day out climbing with some Year 5’s. A few were a little nervous to start with but it wasn’t too long before they all wanted to get to the top of the climb. By the end of the session it was great to see them taking responsibility for belaying and the appropriate safety checks.

Canoeing at Simpsons Pool
A grand day out with rafted canoes for some Year 3 & 4’s. Its always fun working with this age group and I was really pleased how well they worked as a team to load / unload the boats. With the rafts built we played a variety of games (compass, scavenger hunt, relay races, fruit salad and hunting Indians) but the highlight for most was standing up and paddling.

Exploration at Wenlock Edge

Checking out the route on the map

Checking out the route on the map

Working with the climbing group from yesterday, we went to explore Wenlock Edge which apparently is an ancient coral reef that  dates back to the Silurian period and was formed in sub tropical sea some 425 million years ago.

As we explored, we found a few fossils which the caused great excitement and it allows amazes me how much natural curiosity this age group has when left to their own devices. Soon it was time for lunch and shortly after we found a lovely spot to build a shelter and then it was up to the group t come up with a sales pitch to sell it to their teacher. Some of the comments were completely outrageous and very funny and made me chuckle quite a lot.

DofE Bronze Training
The second session of a Bronze DofE programme looking at emergency procedures, safe stove use, tent pitching and the preparation of route cards.

A fantastic few days work working with some great young people and I look forward to working some new groups next week

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